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I brought my 3 year old dog Luna to mobility matters after TPLO surgery on both of her knees. The progress she made after coming here was amazing and she is now back to running around like she loves to do. The staff are very friendly, patient and welcoming. I would definitely recommend.

Laura M.

My 3 year old Aussie, Ruse, came up lame shortly after an agility practice. Aside from leash walking only, and chiropractor visits, I was really at a loss as to how to help. I was so grateful when a friend recommended Mobility Matters. The entire care team has been professional, friendly and compassionate. They set us up for a doable recovery plan, always available for questions between visits. I was thrilled on our last visit when Dr. Tina said Ruse was sound and ready to get back into agility. Thank you, Dr. Tina, Kathy & Erica!

Jan P.

In December 2021, we noticed Charlie, our twelve year old mini schnauzer, injured his back right leg. He had difficulty walking, using stairs and wasn’t his usual happy, playful self. We tried pain and anti-inflammatory medications but didn’t see much improvement. We worried that he might need surgery. We saw a specialist, Dr. Saundra Hewitt, and she diagnosed him with a right iliopsoas tendinopathy. A very painful groin muscle strain. She suggested pet rehabilitation.

Mobility Matters in Oakville was highly recommended and it was a pleasure meeting Dr. Tina McGrath and Evan. They were welcoming, very knowledgeable and provided a customized rehabilitation plan for Charlie. The process was enlightening and his mobility improved significantly with each passing week. We’re very grateful to Dr. McGrath and Evan for their high-quality care and for giving us our sweet, fun Charlie back!

Susan C.

So far it’s been great. My Leonberger Avalon ruptured her CCL and is getting stronger every week.

Janet M.

Trinity had some ongoing issues with her left rear leg (lameness) after rehabbing her right leg a couple of months prior. At Mobility Matters, Dr. Tina McGrath and Kathy were able to resolve it with the help of acupuncture, massage and targeted exercises. They are professional, knowledgeable, caring, and really engaged in ensuring that Trinity’s issue was addressed. Working with them during Covid, their focus was ensuring safety for all, but also making sure that the dog was comfortable and relaxed. I was so thrilled to finally have my agility dog back to normal! I highly recommend Mobility Matters Pet Rehabilitation!

Cheryl D.

My almost 14 year old German Shepherd has been getting underwater treadmill, massage, laser and acupuncture at Mobility Matters since last fall for arthritic and neurological issues. She loves going and screams to go in the car for her sessions. Dr. Tina and Kathy treat her with kindness and care and always have time to talk to me about her progress and give me advice. I picked the right place to treat my girl and highly recommend them for any rehab care.

Pat S.

My dog’s back legs started to go about 2 years ago, with dragging her legs when she was tired. I knew I had to try to do something and I looked up on the internet and found Pet Rehab at Dr. Tina’s clinic. I am so grateful to have found help.

With a regular schedule of acupuncture, laser therapy, massage and exercises, my dog (Heaven) is doing really well and hasn’t deteriorated much more. She still drags her legs when really tired but can still jump up on the couch at times, which is pretty good for a 13 year old dog. Honestly, I was afraid that she wouldn’t make it to 13.

Dr. Tina and her staff are wonderful – considerate, gentle and helpful at all times. If your pet has mobility issues I highly recommend that you take it there and you will be thankful that your pet will get the best help possible.

Dawne B.