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We are a certified and dedicated team working to improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life. We are passionate about keeping dogs moving and helping them live their best lives. An active dog is healthier due to less anxiety, more mental stimulation and an improved immune system. Over the last 30 years of veterinary medicine, Dr. McGrath has helped pets live their best lives and is excited to continue to offer these unique and valuable services to the pets of Oakville and Burlington.

Our Canine Physical Rehabilitation Facility

There are a wide array of services available at our facility in Oakville, Ontario to maximize your pet’s mobility and overall health. Whether your pet is recovering from a surgery or experiencing a decline in mobility, studies show that rehabilitation programs that include an underwater treadmill with the services listed below have the most successful outcomes. Dr. McGrath is certified in rehabilitation and acupuncture and is excited to combine this with the knowledge that Kathy Zubick brings to the practice. We will do a full initial assessment of your pet’s medical history and overall health which includes any radiographs and blood work that is available. To best serve your pet, a referral from your primary care veterinarian or surgeon is required. It truly requires a veterinary team to provide optimal care for your pet. We will provide written reports to your veterinarian to ensure that we are all aligned to serve you and your pet. Schedule an initial assessment and follow the easy instructions to have a veterinary referral form sent to us.

Home Exercise E-booklets

We recognize that not all pets can have access to a rehabilitation facility for a variety of reasons. This group of pets still can benefit from a home exercise program with clear instructions and online support. Dogs that have experienced damage to the anterior cruciate ligament will need lifelong assistance to maximize their return to function and reduce secondary arthritis in the future. Our e-guides were developed with years of veterinary experience that has seen dogs develop arthritis and mobility issues secondary to such common conditions as anterior cruciate ligament disease and hip dysplasia. We want to work with pet-owners to assist their pets in being as active throughout their lives as possible.

Canine Physical Rehabilitation services

Canine Physical Rehabilitation Services – Functional Exercise

Functional Exercise

Canine Physical Rehab Services – Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Canine Physical Rehabilitation Services – Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Treadmill

Canine Physical Rehab Services – Acupuncture


Canine Physical Rehabilitation Services – Massage


Manual Therapy

Canine Physical Rehabilitation - Mobility Matters

why does it matter?

The goal of canine physical rehabilitation is much like the same as it is for humans – helps improve the quality of life through restoring function, reducing pain and increasing mobility. Mobility Matters works with animals on both vet-referred conditions and therapeutic exercises to support well-being of your canine companion.

Therapeutic exercises are used for active range of motion, flexibility, coordination, muscular balance, and strengthening; the focus is on stabilizing exercises and core strength.

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