We cannot alter genetics but we can reduce the risk of injury by maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your pet. Regular exercise is an important part of weight management for dogs and obesity is a source of inflammation within the body. Chronic inflammation and additional weight on the joints is going to add to the risk of arthritis. Exercise is meant to be at a consistent level daily for dogs to encourage muscle building, range of motion of joints and the ability of dogs to build endurance. Controlled slow leash walking on various surfaces and over curbs and hills can be an excellent way to create a healthy fit dog. Controlled walking upstairs can also help dogs build hind end strength which is critical for stability around the stifle. The dogs that have participated in our home exercise program for their first ACL rupture can use the program to maintain fitness for life and hopefully avoid the subsequent rupture of the second ACL. Depending on the studies, there is a 40-45% chance of the other ACL tearing.