We are passionate about keeping dogs moving and helping them live their best lives. An active dog is healthier due to less anxiety, more mental stimulation and an improved immune system. Over the last 30 years of veterinary medicine, Dr. McGrath has helped pets live their best lives and is excited to continue to offer these unique and valuable services to the pets of Oakville and Burlington. Whether it is due to surgery from a torn cruciate or chronic arthritis due to the ageing process, we are available in Oakville, to use all our tools to help your dog. Can’t get to us….No problem, we have online booklets, videos and telemedicine support to help your pet. We are ready to help any way we can!

Our Mission

Here, at Mobility Matters, we are helping pets live their best lives by maintaining and improving mobility while recognizing the importance of their emotional and mental well-being.

Our team

Dr. Tina McGrath


Dr. Tina graduated in 1990 from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph and spent 29 years in private practice. She was busy as a practice owner in the Hamilton and Binbrook area and continues to be interested in internal medicine, ultrasound and soft tissue surgery. Certification in 2012 for canine rehabilitation has allowed her to follow her passion to keep pets physically active and to improve their overall mobility. The link between mobility and overall health for pets is a critical component of improving the quality of life for her patients. She resides in Burlington with her husband and they raised their two children to be actively involved in competitive sports. The connection between human athletics, nutrition, and physiotherapy inspired her to apply these concepts to our canine and feline companions. In 2019, she completed her certification in acupuncture in Colorado to further benefit the cases she was treating in rehabilitation. Kathy and Tina are excited to bring their extensive experience to the patients in their care.

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